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  • Cover: Free to Obey - Johann Chapoutot

    Johann Chapoutot

    Free to Obey

    2023, pp. 144, £ 9.99
    Region: France
    Book collection: Europa Compass
    What if the rules of modern management were written during the Third Reich?
  • Cover: Alone - Carlota Gurt

    Carlota Gurt


    2023, pp. 320, £ 10.99
    Region: Spain
    An intoxicating story of collapse and survival
  • Cover: All Your Children, Scattered - Beata Umubyeyi Mairesse

    Beata Umubyeyi Mairesse

    All Your Children, Scattered

    2023, pp. 192, £ 10.99
    Region: Rwanda
    Winner of the Prix Ethiophile, the Prix Des raciness et des mots, and the Prix des cinq continents de la francophonie
  • Cover: The Passenger: Barcelona - AA.VV.


    The Passenger: Barcelona

    2023, pp. 192, £ 12.99
    Region: Spain
    Book collection: The Passenger
    Brimming with intricate research and enduring wonder, The Passenger is a love-letter to global travel
  • Cover: Nothing is Lost - Cloé Mehdi

    Cloé Mehdi

    Nothing is Lost

    2023, pp. 288, £ 10.99
    Region: France
    An urban thriller full of rage and raw emotion.
  • Cover: Whale - Cheon Myeong-kwan

    Cheon Myeong-kwan


    2023, pp. 368, £ 7.99
    Region: Korea
    A sweeping, multi-generational tale blending fable, farce and fantasy.
  • Cover: The Best Thing That Can Happen to a Man Is to Get Lost - Alain Gillot

    Alain Gillot

    The Best Thing That Can Happen to a Man Is to Get Lost

    2022, pp. 240, £ 10.99
    Region: France
    “Captivating and entertaining.”— Sololibri “Alan Gillot tells the universal story of a new beginning.”— La Repubblica “A novel that shows how when life comes knocking, it cannot be ignored.”— Thriller Nord Antoine is a script doctor: a high-flying...
  • Cover: Dying is Easier than Loving - Ahmet Altan

    Ahmet Altan

    Dying is Easier than Loving

    2022, pp. 560, £ 10.99
    Region: Turkey
    The third book in the Ottoman Quartet
  • Cover: December Breeze - Marvel Moreno

    Marvel Moreno

    December Breeze

    2022, pp. 448, £ 10.99
    Region: Colombia
    A masterful novel exploring womanhood, and the ties of a middle-class, traditional life in 1970s Colombia
  • Cover: Everything Calls for Salvation - Daniele Mencarelli

    Daniele Mencarelli

    Everything Calls for Salvation

    2022, pp. 176, £ 10.99
    Region: Italy
    A heart-breaking and unforgettable novel that challenges our notion of normality and celebrates the salvific power of solidarity and vulnerability.