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Hervé Le Corre

Dogs and Wolves

Cover: Dogs and Wolves - Hervé Le Corre

Hervé Le Corre

Dogs and Wolves

2024, pp. 288, e-Book
ISBN: 9781787705401
Translated by: Howard Curtis
Region: France
Paper Paper Paper
£ 10.99
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The book

A gripping noir about the blossoming of poisonous passions.

When Franck gets out after five years in jail, he expects to find the brother he protected with his silence. Instead, waiting for him is his brother Fabien’s girlfriend. Jessica takes him to the gloomy country house where she lives with her cantankerous, hard-drinking parents, her eight-year old daughter – who doesn’t speak, hardly eats, and seems to be carrying a secret much bigger than herself – and a large mastiff dog they all seem to fear.

Time passes, Fabien doesn’t return, and Franck is increasingly mystified by Jessica’s behaviour, seductive at times, hostile at others. Nonetheless, Franck follows her around on her crazy nocturnal rounds until he finds himself with a gun pointed at his head. It’s the beginning of a crescendo of retaliation in a gang war in which Franck believes he is participating, only to realize he’s merely a sacrificial pawn.

In the scorching heat of the summer, love and violence, sweetness and blood, will result into an unpredictable ending, one that perhaps only the little girl knew from the start.

The author

Hervé Le Corre
Hervé Le Corre was born in Paris and currently teaches in the suburbs of Bordeaux. He is the author of several crime fiction novels, including Talking to Ghosts (2014), and After the War (Maclehose Press, 2015). He also writes for the literary magazine Le Passant Ordinaire.

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