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The Passenger: Naples

Cover: The Passenger: Naples - AA.VV.


The Passenger: Naples

2024, pp. 192, e-Book
ISBN: 9781787705326
Region: Italy
Book collection: The Passenger
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£ 12.99
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The book

For better or worse, Naples always amazes.

In recent years, Naples has been the subject of countless books, films and TV series, making it even more difficult to imagine a Neapolitan normality, if it exists at all. As Naples becomes the most filmed city in Italy, where to look for the ordinary, the average? Maybe we need to "go up" to Vomero, a neighborhood considered almost alien to the city, middle class, homogeneous, peaceful? A reality in sharp contrast with the over-the-top life of the historic centre, crossed as it is by a thousand stratifications - architectural, historical and social. And yet even there we find an alternative reading: the city as a model of coexistence between ancient and modern.

While some areas have been waiting for decades for much promised redevelopment, others have benefited from cutting-edge projects with far-reaching positive impact, representing a Naples that attracts talent, exports models, colonizes instead of being colonized.

IN THIS VOLUME: Paolo Macry on Naples’ “monarch mayors”・Francesco Abazia on the influence of the US Army’s presence on Neapolitan popular music・Cristina Napolitano on the Neapolitan diaspora, and what it means to come back・Gianni Montieri on the city’s passion for football・Alessandra Coppola on the cult of the young victims of the Camorra, or the police, and much more…

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