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Virginie Grimaldi

A Good Life

Cover: A Good Life - Virginie Grimaldi

Virginie Grimaldi

A Good Life

2024, pp. 288, Paperback
ISBN: 9781787705098
Translated by: Hildegarde Serle
Region: France
Book collection: Europa B-formats
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£ 9.99
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The book

An emotional and uplifting novel from the French Marian Keyes

“Virginie Grimaldi signs her most accomplished, strongest novel. Her best.”—Le Parisien

“A story of life, bursts of happiness,scars of misfortune, in which many readers should find themselves.”—France Inter

Emma and Agathe are sisters. They grew up together yet are very different. Agathe, the youngest, messy and ardent, has always taken up all the space in the bath, in the bedroom, and in Emma’s heart.

After five years of unexplained silence, Emma arranges to meet Agathe in the family’s holiday home. After Mima, their beloved grandmother, passed away, the place must be emptied, and the memories revisited.

The two sisters have a week to tell each other everything and make up for the time they spent apart. Will they be able to fix the past? In the beauty of this summer in the Basque Country, where their childhood is knocking at the door, the strength of their story resounds. Between laughter and tears, a moving and irresistible novel.

The author

Virginie Grimaldi
Virginie Grimaldi was born in 1977 in Bordeaux where she still lives. Translated into more than twenty languages, her novels are carried by endearing characters and a poetic and sensitive pen. Her stories, funny and moving, echo everyone’s life. She is the most read French novelist in 2019, 2020 and 2021 (Le Figaro littéraire/GFK awards) and winner of the Favorite Book of the French in 2022 (France Télévisions).

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